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        土木工程與建筑系 08級工程管理

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        On the whole process of construction

        project cost control

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        On the whole process of construction project cost control

        【Abstract】: This article mainly introduced the engineering project cost control

        throughout the whole process of project implementation, including project decision-making, project design, project bidding, project construction and completion of the settlement this five stages.

        【Keywords】: Project, the construction cost, engineering, project, construction, project


        Engineering project cost control throughout the whole process of project implementation, including project decision-making, project design, project bidding, project construction and completion of the settlement this five stages. According to the statistics show that, in the project decision-making stage and design stage, and the influence of construction project cost is a 40% chance-75%; and in construction stage, influence the possibility of construction project cost is only 5%-25%. Obviously, control the cost of the key link is in the project implementation of decision-making and design stage before. And from a stage program speaking, construction management can play a decisive role. To control the engineering cost is in the design phase, project decision stage, stage of construction, project bidding, completed the stage of the settlement construction engineering cost incurred amount of control in the approval within the limit, and correct the deviation of at any time, ensure division breakdown their investment goal the realization, to get the best economic benefit and social benefit.

        1 whole process cost control each phase of the basic situation

        The whole process of construction project cost control can be divided into the following basically five stages:

        1.1 construction project cost control decision-making stage

        Project investment decision is choice and decided to invest action process, is aiming project

        on the necessity and feasibility of technical and economic the authentication, correct decision-making is reasonable and the premise to control the engineering cost, including feasibility study, investment estimation, financial foundation estimates and evaluation data. Project investment decision stage cost control and management of the key is:

        1) Completes the project decision-making before preparation. Comprehensive collecting have material, including equipment operation, equipment technical parameters, the construction market dynamic and other related content of the original records and information. To do the scientific research work and then find out need emphasizes to solve the problems.

        2) to do a project proposal and feasibility studies reports. Must according to the market demand and development prospects, reasonably determine the scale of the project and construction standards. Two applications should be strong conviction and feasibility. In the fight for early project at the same time, should be completed as soon as possible of the feasibility study.

        3) science to develop the construction projects of benefit analysis of activities of investment estimate and work. The preparation of investment estimate to have the basis, to be as careful as possible and reasonable. From reality, full consideration to during the project that may arise during the process of all kinds of accidents and unfavorable factors, as well as their cost of the project may produce negative effects, want to consider the market situation and construction of the reserve price during the floating coefficient, like this can make the investment basically accord with the actual and leave room, make the investment estimate really play the role of control the total investment in the project.

        1.2 project cost control design stage

        The government in accordance with the examination and approval according to regulation, design institute of professional elaborate design, the strict control of cost engineers, the engineering construction cost control design stage \optimal combination. The construction project design is by plans to reality decisive significance of the work phase,

        design work is one of the important principles to ensure that the design integrity, designed for this work include the design evaluation and comparison, the design scheme optimization design budgetary estimate, the compiling and examination, the list of quantities and control the compiling and price review.

        1) Reasonable function orientation and reliable design quality, meet the national standards, meet the project function requirement, this is the quality of the design of the four basic requirements. The function of the construction project positioning, first must do with national conditions, reflect the national strength. At the same time, the engineering design must meet the construction procedure in each stage of depth requirements, avoid and prevent \(budget exceeds the estimation, the budget exceeds the budget estimates, the settlement) takes place.

        2) Optimizing design scheme, effective control of the project cost. The design phase of the project cost control and management is not a simple design institute work content, the construction unit should also actively cooperate, have prior control and active management role. The construction unit in the review of the design unit design documents, first of all the attention to the optimization of design schemes of, should be based on all kinds of index and material to the total plane design, construction space and plane design for analysis. The two analysis of the cost of the project will not only, a major impact on construction and operation and the production, management have a great impact, but also for construction and operation of the production, management has significant correlation. In the choice of technology solutions, we should persist in China from the actual conditions of, in order to improve the benefit of investment for the premise, actively and steadily introducing advanced and reasonable technical scheme and mature new technology, new technology.

        3) Executes limitation for engineering design. To effectively control the construction cost, should be in the design process of the quota design way. The so-called quota design in accordance with approved reliability is in the study, investment estimation forehead design and construction design, and to guarantee the use function, under the premise of according to

        the distribution of after thinning investment quota control, professional design, to try to stop not reasonable to change, in order to ensure that the total investment is not a breakthrough. Decomposition of total investment and project is a total of quota design and effective ways and main method, it is the design stage of the examination will be investment and decomposing the quantity of each professional, and then after thinning the decomposition to each unit engineering and the division of engineering, through the layers of decomposition to realize to the investment quota control and management, but also to achieve to design specifications, design standards, engineering quantity and project budget index, and other aspects of the management and control.

        Preliminary design must be in the feasibility study stage of investment estimate approval for the bottom line, and through the limitation of the way to control budget not more than the investment estimate, the focus is on the quantities and equipment, material control. So the amount of quota design and shall be in the feasibility study stage of design project examination and equipment, material standard as the basis for a feasibility study stage cannot be determined preliminarily concluded that for certain quantity. For the design, each professional design personnel should conscientiously strengthen project cost consciousness, and strictly according to the limit the decomposition of the design to control the project investment, to ensure that the design according to the limit in the decomposition of the investment to control the project, to secure the use function, under the premise of engineering cost and effort to control project in the limit of. To encourage and promote design personnel well design scheme selection, should introduce a competitive mechanism and implement bidding for the design, make the design units and design personnel increase market competition consciousness, try our best to make a design scheme more attain perfect.

        1.3 project tendering and bidding and sign a contract stage

        Analysis of the specific conditions of the construction project, and according to the quantities bill valuation method, nine ministries to standard prepare the tender documents in the tender documents. Through the bid opening bid assessment, voted for a is able to satisfy the tender

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