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      1. 電影《怦然心動》劇本 - 下載本文

        you. A puzzle? A puzzle,Richard? Not just a puzzle. A puzzle and a... ...pinwheel. A pinwheel! Thank you,Richard. Yes. Orange. Outside? Outside,Richard? You wanna go outside? All right,we'll go to,uh,McEIliot's. - We'll walk out there for an ice cream. - Ice cream! Oh,no. No,no,we can't. Daniel doesn't like ice cream. Aw. - I do like ice cream,Richard. - I'm only kidding. - I know you like ice cream. - Ahh! You love ice cream. All right,come on. - Here you go. Got it? - Ah! Here you go. It's my birthday. Lollipop. It's my birthday. You like it? Oh! - All right,Daniel. Okay,wait,wait. - Ice cream. Ice cream. - My ice cream. My ice cream. Ugh! - It's okay. Daniel. Daniel! Daniel! Leave it,I'll get y... Ice cream on the floor. Ice cream on the floor. Would you go get him another cone? - Yeah. - I need ice cream,Richard! It's my birthday,Richard. It's my birthday! Ice cream,Richard! Ice cream,Richard! Stop! Stop it! - I need it! - Stop it! Stop it! - Here we go. - Ice cream! Aah! - Richard! - Okay,okay. I've got some ice cream. Birthday ice cream. That's good,Richard. I'm so sorry. He hasn't done anything like that... I'd often heard my father talk about how difficult life was for Daniel. But I never really understood it until now. - Yeah,there you go. - Heh. Orange. On the walk back, Daniel acted like nothing had happened. Other way. Other way. On the ride home,

        my dad told me that Uncle Daniel... ...used to live with him and Mom before we were born. But after a while,it became too difficult. When we got home, everything looked the same. But it wasn't. Before today,Daniel had always been just a name to me. Now he was part of the family. - Hey. - Hey. How'd it go? I'm glad I went. I'm glad you went too. Trina,it's Sunday. What are you doing mopping the floor? Patty Loski invited us over for dinner Friday night. Shouldn't she be mopping her floor? Or did she ask to borrow ours? Nervous energy. - Did she invite all of us? - Yes,she did. Even our friend Sal Monella? Richard. Why,after all these years? Well,she said she felt really bad that they hadn't invited us before... ...and apparently they want to get to know us better. And you wanna go? Well,she insisted. And I think it would be really nice. All right. We'll go. I wasn't too thrilled about dinner with the Loskis... ...but I could see it meant a lot to my mother. At school the next day, I couldn't seem to concentrate. My thoughts kept running back to Daniel. I wondered what my grandparents had gone through having a son like him... ...when reality interrupted. - Bryce Loski likes you. - What? He's got a big crush on you. What are you talking about? Bryce Loski does not have a crush on me. Oh,yeah? In science,I caught him staring at you. He said it was because there was a

        bee in your hair. Is that the lamest cover-up or what? Maybe there was a bee. The only bee you're attracting is B-R-Y-C-E. I'm telling you, that boy is lost in love land. - Come on. - Where? I saw him sneaking off with Garrett. Come on. Are you freaking mental? Juli Baker. You hate her. That's what's so weird. I don't think I do. I can't stop thinking about her. - You got it bad,man. - What do I do? You gotta nip this in the bud. They're not? You feel guilty because of the egg thing. Yeah,and I insulted her yard. Exactly. The place is a dump anyways. Her dad's got a retarded brother and all their money goes to helping him. A retard? Well,that ought to tell you something. - About what? - About Juli. What are you saying? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree,my friend. - Oh,heh. Yeah. Right. - Yeah. I'll talk to you later. Okay. I'm sorry. I thought... It's okay. It's fine. And it was. Because now my confusion was gone. I was sure I no longer liked Bryce Loski. Mom,are you trying to make the Bakers feel totally worthless? I want it to be nice. - And why aren't you dressed? - I'm going. I wanted to look good for Juli. But I didn't want her to think that I wanted to look good for her. It was a fine line. A very fine line. Bryce,they're here. Come on down. Coming! Hey,come on in. - Come in,come in. - There goes the waistline. I'm glad you could make it. Lynetta,Steven,company's here. -

        Coming! - What is this? Homemade pie? Yes,it's pecan and blueberry cheesecake. Let's take them to the kitchen. - Hi,guys. - Hey,looking good. - This is my dad. - Hi,I'm Lynetta. - Hi,nice to finally meet you. - Nice to meet you too. Hey,big guy. Hey,Steven. How are you? We should've done this a long time ago. Come on in. This is a cool place. Yeah,it's all right. Come on,I'll show you my room. You gotta hear this new song we wrote. It's so good. Hi. You look nice. I heard you and Garrett making fun of my uncle in the library. And I don't wanna speak to you. Not now,not ever. - And I say you can. - But what you're proposing... ...would require a perpetual-motion machine,so it's not possible. If you had two opposite charged poles with a neutral conductor... Perpetual motion? Here I was,dying inside,and they were talking about perpetual motion. And how did Juli know about all that stuff? Come on,everybody,dinner's ready. Lynetta! Dinner! Juli,can I talk to you? It was wrong,what Garrett said. I know it. Did you know it was wrong when he said it? Yeah. I wanted to punch him. But we were in the library. So instead you just agreed with him and laughed. Yeah. Then that makes you a coward. I had to sit across from Juli for an entire dinner. My dad was right. We should have barbecued. I just want to say how wonderful it is to have you share a meal with us. May it be the

        first of many. Wrong pipe. Well,we couldn't be happier. We are just all so thrilled to be here. Juli,you did a really nice job on your yard. Thanks. Chet was a big help. Yeah,I know. You gotta tell me your secret. I can't get him to do a thing around here. - Steven. - I kid. I'm telling you,the neighborhood is really coming to life. I mean,that new house is taking shape. Which one? You know,the one where they cut down that big ugly tree. I wanted to say that a lot of people liked that tree,but I didn't. I didn't want to go against my dad. Some people thought that tree was the jewel of the neighborhood. Yeah,well, there's no accounting for taste. So,Matt,Mark,Mark,Matt... You guys are,uh,gonna be graduating soon,huh? Yeah,thank God. You don't like high school? - You kidding? - No. High school was the best time of my life. - Not for us,no. - Yeah,we've had enough of that scene. Ah. So college is probably out of the question,huh? No,it's a possibility. They've actually been accepted... ...at several places already. - Yes,they have. Really? Well,that's good. But,um, we're gonna give music a shot first. - Really? - Oh,they are very talented. Oh,their band is really boss. They did a bunch of demos and they're really cool. Thanks,Lyn. When Steven and I first met, he was playing in a band. You played in a band? He was a wonderful saxophone player. - Cool. You still play? - Well,l...

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